15 + Einfache DIY Fensterdekoration Ideen

Windows are quite a special feature of any house and room, in particular. They literally come in all shapes and sizes and they can serve many purposes. Windows allow you to see beyond your house, as well as light and warmth – or a nice breeze – to come in. They are also a way for others to peek into your space sometimes, which may be a drawback for a lot of individuals.

There is nothing wrong with simple, plain and modern windows, if you adopt a minimalist aesthetic. You should, however, make the most of this incredible feature and frame your view with incredible decorations – and we are definitely not just talking about curtains.

So whether you are remodeling and want to change the look of your old windows or simply feel the need to enhance them, we’ve got the right article for you. Here are some Easy DIY Window Decorating Ideas to inspire your next home decor project.

Pretty lace window screen

Pretty lace window screen.


Wire a hanging mason jar

Wire a hanging mason jar.


Playful Ball Curtain

Playful Ball Curtain..

Bunny Garland for Easter Window Decor

Bunny Garland for Easter Window Decor.

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Crepe paper dandelions for window decor

Crepe paper dandelions for window decor.


Hanging Paper Cones

Hanging Paper Cones.

Hanging Paper Butterflies Decorations

Hanging Paper Butterflies Decorations.

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Eyecatching origami boats ornament

Eyecatching origami boats ornament.

Transform paper circles to hanging umbrellas

Transform paper circles to hanging umbrellas.


Windowsill succulent garden

Windowsill succulent garden.


Pressed plants framed in glass

Pressed plants framed in glass.


Felt curtain in rainbow colors

Felt curtain in rainbow colors.


Heart Shaped Decorations

Heart Shaped Decorations.

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Hanging tin can planters

Hanging tin can planters.


Pallet vertical window blinds

Pallet vertical window blinds.


Colored sparrow and branches silhouettes on windows

Colored sparrow and branches silhouettes on windows.


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